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Head Teacher

Having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in French Literature and Educational Science, I then went on to train as a primary school teacher. I have been working in primary education for 20 years, 9 of which were spent at a Montessori school and five in village schools in a multi-age environment.

During those years, I built up a relationship with the children based on trust, by being both fair and demanding and allowing each child to progress at his/her own pace.

I firmly believe that children will give their very best if we can just gain their confidence and allow them enough freedom to follow the paths they make for themselves.

I get immense pleasure from watching children develop; and only hope that with my help they can become ‘the actors of tomorrow’s world’.


Head of Early Years

Emilie is Head of Early Years and Head of English Programme in Mon Ecole My School.

After completing a Master’s degree in European Studies in Leuven, Belgium I realised that what I really wanted to do was to teach.

Having attended a Montessori school myself in early childhood, I decided that this method of teaching would be a good starting place and enrolled at the Montessori Centre International in the heart of London. A year later, diploma in hand, I began teaching Reception at St. Nicholas Preparatory School in Kensington, London. During my second year of teaching I was offered the possibility of doing a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) which gave me the qualifications I needed to follow the British national curriculum.

While at St. Nicholas’ I learned many things but one in particular remains with me to this day and has become my “credo”: there is no single right way of teaching a child. In order to teach effectively a teacher needs to be flexible, imaginative and open to different ways of communicating. After three years teaching at St. Nicholas in London I moved to France where I worked in a Montessori school.



After obtaining a First-Class BA honours degree in Textile Design in 1998, I decided to train as a teacher, completing a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education) in Art & Design at Reading University, Berkshire, England (2001). I then started teaching Years 2-8 Art & Craft Design Technology (Art CDT) at Dolphin Preparatory School in Berkshire, England where I became head of the Art/CDT department. After 4 years of teaching at Dolphin School I took a sabbatical year (2005) off in the Tarn, France, where I met my husband – and stayed!

Since living in France I have taught English to groups of French children aged 3-12 years old. My training, work experience, and my own personal experience of learning another language has all contributed to my own teaching philosophy: to provide an inclusive, exciting learning environment that gives students the confidence to become independent learner’s.



During my studies in communication [Bac + 5], I had the chance to live in several countries (one semester in Spain; an internship in Italy, Argentina and the United States), where I learned to speak English and Spanish fluently.

After obtaining my Master Degree, I was working as France Junior market manager. After the office relocation of more than 200 km from my home, I took this opportunity to completely change my career path. After many self-taught readings, I took a training and internship at the English Montessori School in Bangkok, Thailand. This experience confirmed that I had found what I wanted to do.

Returning to France, I was interested in learning Alpha Reading Method so I followed professional training on it. Then I opened an extracurricular activity next to the Capitol, where I organized, prepared and hosted different activities in a fun way, such as Montessori workshops, introduction to music, creative activity, science, learning to read, etc. This experience persuaded me to learn French National Curriculum and to adapt my activities to comply with it. It was a great experience for me, where it lasted 3 years.

The values ​​of My School are in line with mine in many ways: small class sizes to be able to adapt to each child’s individual need, the garden and animals for contact with nature, a pleasant atmosphere conducive to learning and a bilingual environment.



American at heart, I was fortunate enough to live in Houston, Texas for nine years. I first went to high school and then decided to go to university there. I earned my bachelor’s degree of elementary education in 2018. I worked for a year in a first grade (CP) class where I learned a lot and was able to build my personal pedagogy.

After that year I came back to the old continent. I wanted to find a job in a bilingual or international school and had the pleasure of joining the Mon Ecole My School team in March 2019. I immediately appreciated the identity of the school, which corresponds to my convictions of teaching and pedagogy. In particular, the small numbers that allow us teachers to adapt to each student individually.



French from birth, I grew up in the south of France but Australia became my country of adoption later on. People say that one person can change your life. In my case, my English teacher managed to transmit his passion for English and teaching to me. I followed his advice to go to Scotland and improved immensely before leaving for Sydney, Australia where I studied Education and Linguistics. I taught English (literature) for 5 years as well as French as a foreign language in a prestigious school in Sydney from year 7 to 12. A great learning experience for me.

After 12 years in Sydney, my husband and I returned to France. After graduating in a phonetics Masters degree at La Sorbonne in Paris, I joined a language center specialized in accelerated learning of foreign languages. More than four years later, when my twins were born, after some time of reflection, I decided to return to teaching. I have been teaching in Paris in primary schools for a few years but Toulouse is now our home.

I am very lucky to have joined the staff at Mon Ecole My School which fits perfectly with my teaching experience and my educational values. I enjoy helping students maximize their potential in an environment which is both caring and respectful of differences.


Preschool Teacher

I am English and I have been living in France for more than 15 years now. I first began my journey in La Rochelle and then I went to the University of Toulouse. After I finished the school, I started working for My School. Currently I am studying to get my CAP Petite Enfance diploma and continue to take Montessori training to work with children 2-6 years old.

Working with children is really exciting and being bilingual, I have found my place here. I am very attached to the values ​​of this school and I look forward to seeing every child flourish with us.



After graduated from engineering school (Grande Ecole d’Ingénieur) in Paris, I had worked for 20 years in the telecommunication industry in France and abroad. Driven by a real passion, I chose teaching as my new profession. I successfully passed the competitive teacher recruitment exam and obtained a master degree in Teaching, Education and Training (MEEF: Métiers de l’enseignement, de l’éducation et de la formation). Passionate about the language development in children, I chose first to teach in kindergarten. I then joined a primary school, specializing in the children with cognitive disability and mental disorder. Mon Ecole My School gave me the opportunity to teach the older children from CE2 to CM2 (8 to 11 years old).

My teaching practice is to teach with great compassion, to listen to my students with deep attention, and to ask them to do their best all the time (as well as to myself). I teach scientific subjects based on my extensive experience in this field. I have a particularly strong commitment to the students with special needs, so as to build the learning trajectory that will suit them and strengthen their self-esteem.



After having a degree in Psychology and obtaining a Master degree in teaching, My School and the team opened the doors for me in 2019. I am committed to supporting each child and adapting to their needs, so as they flourish in a stable and reassuring environment. I adhere to the values ​​and objectives of My School, which allows us to individualize learning through small classes and to introduce English on a daily basis. 


Preschool Teacher


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